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Dropshipping Program

Dropshipping is a business setup where an entrepreneur is enabled to run their own store without any prior investment. A dropshipper sells products on their store or any marketplace, once the item gets sold, they will buy it from the supplier, who will ship that product directly to the customer.

Let’s take a real-life example to help you understand the whole procedure in detail. Let us assume that our product is a Faucet. As a seller, you sell a Faucet on your website or any other platform for Rs. 1000 + Rs. 150 for shipping and handling charges. Your buyer places the order and pays you a total of Rs. 1150. You would then log in to your account on our Dropship site and place the order for the same faucet for Rs. 750. 


You keep your profit margin in between the sales and purchase price for the faucet. In this case, the profit is Rs. 250. Once the order is placed we ship the faucet to your customer with your given details and provide you with a tracking number. The item gets delivered to your customer and the transaction is completed. It is as simple as it sounds.

Select from 200,000+ products and list them on your store!

Your customers place the orders on your online store.


Place an order for the product on discounted wholesale price you just sold.


We will ship the product directly from its warehouse to your customer’s doorstep.